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With a refined research on the philosophy of floor designs, Bezpoke has partnered with some of the best flooring suppliers on board. Floors last a while and a lot of thinking goes in deciding which type of floor one should go for.

Being well-aware of the seasonal extremes in the Bangladesh’s climate, our flooring solutions are resilient, versatile, and aesthetic at the same time from one of the best flooring suppliers from Italy a few of which include IPF, Terratinta, Laminam, Florim, Elite Stone with budget-friendly solutions for the contract clients. Be it wooden floors or the marble, experiment with our intricate floors that bring nature at your feet. Marble, Granite, Corian, Porcelain tiles, Terrazzo, Mosaic, Concrete, Stones, Wood, are just few options for the materials with numerous subcategories for style, design, and color. What makes a cut for an ideal floor here at Bezpoke is its durability. Whether it is about the ever-increasing trend of having cozy yet classy wooden floors or giving a luxurious feel to the house with marble, the options we have are countless. Revamp the floors of your house and find a perfect fit for every room here.

new arrivals

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